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Security Services Division (SE)

Dragon, Roof Detail, Forbidden City, Hue, Viet Nam

Division Logo

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Visit of daimyo Mastuadaira Katamori to the house of

Karo Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

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Security Services are in plan, but the division is not yet active. Pending State PPO licensing and infrastructure, the Security Services Division will commence operations by offering private security to clients in and about East Palo Alto, preferrably in conjuction with Pacific Coast Security of Eureka, California -- a privately held firm in the founder's family.

Short-range Goals

Pacific Coast Security's Logo

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The Security Services division anticipates hiring off-duty officers of the East Palo Alto Police Department, along with guard card holders in good standing residing in the city of East Palo Alto who also have First Aid/CPR and Mental Health First Aid, along with firearms and baton certification as needed. The division will also work with California's Department of Industrial Relations, OSHA, and the SIEU - United Service Workers West union of Silicon Valley assure its employees are treated properly and fairly compensated before it begins hiring any. 

Mid-range Goals

Uniformed Secret Service Agent in Riot Gear

Guarding The White House

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This division is not expected to be operational before the third calendar quarter of 2016. Its current VP and General Manager has a California Guard Card in good standing, along with Mental Health First Aid certification. He can be retained privately as a consultant or as an individual guard. Please contact our corporate office at 1 650 906 3344, on Twitter @DSBE_Inc, or by email at for more details.

Laura Langland is intended to be this division's Vice President and General Manager once it has achieved sustainable operation (currently targeted for Q1 2017.)

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