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Real Estate Services Division (RE)

Founder's Matrilineal Great-grandmother Trina Gjems Lambrecht's Needlepoint

Image (c) 2011 DSBE All Rights Reserved

The Real Estate Services Division of DSBE is in plan, but will not be launched without enough capital reserves and retail office space and conference facilities.

DSBE's founder's maternal grandfather and matrilineal great-grandfather made thier money in real estate. Should this division adopt a dba, it will be in honor of those men, Clarence Dexter Shaw and James Lambrecht: viz., DSBE dba "Shaw Lambrecht Realty."

Referral Listings

In ramping up to its mid-term goal of establishing a real estate office in East Palo Alto, DSBE-RE will highlight select listing in line with its long-term goals and overseas expansion.


EPA Wireless Building

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All rights reserved.

Commerical offerings would focus on thoughtfully improving the economy of East Palo Alto in harmony with DSBE's, the City's, and the community's values and goals.

These would include properties such as the following.

  • 1475C East Bayshore Road (x Glen,) undeveloped and paved lot zoned for mixed office and residential, US$ 599.9K;
  • {x} Pulgas (x Bay,) demolition of existing structures and construction;
  • {x} Tara Street (across from City Yard,) detoxification, demolition, and construction;
  • 2371 University Avenue (the EPA Wireless building, shown above,) US$ 875,000.00. Listed by E-Z Homes Real Estate, Inc., East Palo Alto. Jack Sharma, listing agent, 1 650 465 0288;
  • 891 Weeks Street (Born Again Christian Center,) US$ 995,950.00;


The division's residential offerings would primarily focus on upscale properties in the San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties of California and in the country of Namibia. Particular consideration would be given to undeveloped parcels, valuable locations, and homes deemed to have exceptional architecture and landscaping in DSBE's overall primary target markets for its goods and services. Properties currently recommended include the following.

  1. 1080 via Malibu, Aptos (Rio del Mar,) Lynn Wilson Roberts, 1 650 255 6987, CABRE #01814885, Alain Pinel Realtors, US$ 2,375,000;
  2. Five Betty Lane, Atherton, Intero Prestigio International, US$24.8M;
  3. 90 Broadacres Road, Atherton;
  4. 18 Fair Oaks Lane, Atherton;
  5. 1270 Lincoln Avenue, Palo Alto, US$ 4,998,000;
  6. 48 Linden Avenue, Atherton;
  7. 96 Selby Lane, Atherton, US$13.98M;
  8. Holmes Ranch, Davenport, Intero Prestigio International, US$25M;
  9. 1650 & 1652 Portola State Park Road, La Honda, Quetzel Grimm & Wayne Rivas, 1 650 529 1111, Alain Pinel, US$2.899M;
  10. 12012 Adobe Creek Lodge Road, Los Altos Hills, US$ 6.425M;
  11. 18516 Skyline Boulevard, Los Gatos, James Shin, US$4.899999M;
  12. 520 Sand Hill Circle, Menlo Park;
  13. 1100 Sharon Park Drive, #40, Menlo Park;
  14. 2315 Tioga Drive, Menlo Park, US$3.65M;
  15. 1314 Trinity Drive, Menlo Park, Fereshteh Khodadad, 1 650 815 8850, CABRE# 00851932, Coldwell Banker Previews International, US$1.988M;
  16. 2275 Amherst Street, Palo Alto, DeLeon Realty, US$4.488M;
  17. 1068 University Avenue (x Chaucer,) Palo Alto, Narinder Kamboj, 1 408 357 8638, Alain Pinel Realty, 1 408 358 1111, US$ TBD -- SOLD;
  18. 1737 University Avenue, Palo Alto, US$ 3.28M;
  19. 1870 University Avenue, Palo Alto, Nancy MacLeod, 1 650 888 5276,, 1 650 321 1441, 9,322 sq. ft on 1.8 acres, US$ TBD;
  20. 31 Aliso Way, Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park, Santa Cruz Avenue, US$2.395M;
  21. Alpine Road 8.7 acres, Portola Valley (Partners #3&4;)
  22. 5000 Alpine Road, Portola Valley, Monica Corman, 1 650 462 1111, Alain Pinel, US$5M;
  23. 5922 Alpine Road, Portola Valley, US$7.7M;
  24. Nine Buck Meadow Drive, Portola Valley;
  25. One Grove Court, Portola Valley;
  26. 157 Golden Hills, Portola Valley;
  27. 707 Westridge Drive, Portola Valley, US$13M;
  28. 1390 Westridge Drive, Portola Valley, Coldwell Banker, Portola Valley, US$ 3.198M;
  29. 30 Zapata Way, Portola Valley;
  30. Villa Lauriston, County of San Mateo;
  31. 765 Frenchman's Road, Stanford;
  32. Property #188, Windhoek, Namibia;
  33. 655 Manzanita Way, Woodside, US$10.8M;
  34. Sand Hill Estates, Woodside, Intero Prestigio International, US$35M;

East Palo Alto

The Real Estate Services Division would secondarily market residential real estate for both lease and purchase in East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park (historically part of East Palo Alto) to specific sectors such as the following.

  • Federal (including military,) State, County, and municipal law enforcement personnel;
  • East Palo Alto and Belle Haven community minded and committed people.

Current residential referrals in East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park include the following (in East Palo Alto unless otherwise stated.)

1147 Camellia Drive, East Palo Alto

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All rights reserved

  1. 1147 Camellia Drive, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, One World Estates, US$ 549,900;
  2. 2115 Clarke Avenue, US$ TBD. Detached single family dwelling with hardwood floors in the living room. Contact listing agent at Alain Pinel Realtors;
  3. 1119 Del Norte Avenue, Menlo Park, Amelia Middel, Coldwell Banker, duplex, 1/1 w/ 1 car garage and 2/1 w/ 1 car garage. US$ 599,000;
  4. 717 Donohoe Street, Noemi Ruelas, CA BRE# 01819934, +1 650 906 0914, Coldwell Banker, 3 bed/2 bath on a 28,575 sq. ft. lot, US$ 1,098,000 -- SOLD;
  5. 2881 Drew Court, East Palo Alto, 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, US$985K;
  6. 2536 Hazelwood Way, East Palo Alto, US$ 505K - SALE PENDING;
  7. 1239 Hollyburne Avenue, Menlo Park, Amelia R. Middel, +1 650 704 3064, US$ TBD;
  8. 1301 Hollyburne Avenue (x Ivy,) Menlo Park, Cristina Bliss, Coldwell-Banker, +1 650 799 4365,, 4/2 corner lot, 1,440 sq.ft./5,760 sq.ft., US$ TBD;
  9. 1519 Kavanaugh Street. US$ TBD;
  10. 1725 Michigan Avenue, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Intero Real Estate. US$ 498,888;
  11. 957 Mouton Circle, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, US$899K;
  12. 2227 Terra Villa Street, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Alain Pinel Realtors, US$ 399,000;
  13. 163 Verbena Drive, Owen Halliday, Sereno Group, US$ 695K;
  14. 224 Wisteria Drive, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Coldwell-Banker, San Jose, Willow Glen, US$ 450,000;


The real estate professionals and service providers DSBE approves of for referrals and business partnerships are listed on this page.

Short-term Goals

Schloss NeuschwansteinKueche, Bayern, Deutschland

  1. Post pro bono listings of properties in line with DSBE-RE's mid- and long-term goals for its target markets;
  2. Scout East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto properties for pre-qualified clients;
  3. Offer non-broker real estate services in conjuction with DSBE's Legal Services Division;
  4. Solicit interest from target market segments for listed properties.

Mid-term Goals

Chateau de Versailles dans les Fleurs, France

  1. Establish a branch office of One World Estates in East Palo Alto as DSBE's Real Estate Services Division headquarters;
  2. Scout Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Portola Valley and the unicorporated highlands of San Mateo County surrounding Portola Valley for properties for prequalified clients;
  3. Develop a realty business unit catering to clients listing properties in those market territories.

Long-term Goals

Windsor Castle, Looking Across Shaw Farm, England

Establish DSBE's Real Estate Division's headquarters in East Palo Alto, California;

Establish a branch office in Windhoek, Namibia;

Establish a branch office in Ha Noi, Viet Nam;

Establish a branch office in Lilongwe, Malawi;

Establish a branch office in Oslo, Norway.

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