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DSBE is privately held, and as its majority shareholder gives forwards regardless of profititability, for it to have the creation of a non-profit foundation to perpetuate its support for a few causes as a plank in its mission statement makes complete sense, however eccentric.

Magi to the Manger, Grace Cathedral

(c) 2010 D.S.B.E., (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

To that end, DSBE is engaged in few philanthropic causes and plans to become involved in several more over the next few fiscal years. These include the following.

Present Efforts

Currently, DSBE is engaged in the following efforts in its hometown of East Palo Alto, California:

1.) Improving the City's sheltering of, and assistance to, its homeless citizens;

2.) Improving the City's recycling and hazardous waste programs;

• Lobbying for Mi Pueblo Foods to be responsible for CRV redemption -- DONE;

• Lobbying for the new Ravenswood Family Health Center to have drop-off boxes for used needles and unused drugs;
• Lobbying for the City to have a comprehensive recycling and hazardous waste center either by a municipal and private partnership, or by private enterprises to serve it and its neighboring cities for our city's economic benefit.

3.) Become a member of the East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club -- DONE;

Planned Efforts

Spine of an al-Qu'ran's Bookcover

Twitter Logo of the East Palo Alto Muslim Association

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By FY2014-15, DSBE plans to create DSBF and turn over all its ongoing philanthropy to that non-profit organization, and add the following planks to its mandate, so as to operate strictly as a for-profit corporation, with a portion of its profits earmarked for DSBF, as well as bequests of stock and sustained corporate resource support of its philanthropy until DSBF's are stand-alone through its investments' income:

  1. Become a Friend of the East Palo Alto Library;
  2. Incorporate the East Palo Alto Muslim Association as a religious non-profit organization to sanction and defend the community's civil rights and work on providing space for its Sunni Muslim citizens and those in the surrounding cities to pray and hear sermons in, with a long-term goal of establishing a mosque in the city, which would also economically benefit East Palo Alto by drawing in outsiders and their discretionary funds.
  3. Contribute to the bookshelves of the Sister's Prayer Halls of the MCA;

Phaeleonopsis, Pao Hua Temple, San Jose

(Interior of where founder's Google avatar was shot.)

(c) 2012, D.S.B.E., (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

After FY 2014-15, DSBE would focus upon the following.

  1. Incorporate an East Palo Alto Historical Association, which would have a long-term goal of operating a museum to showcase the city's history;
  2. Incorporate, develop, and promote an East Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce;
  3. Supporting the success of Free at Last by helping generate jobs for its graduating clients in DSBE's divisions;
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