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Housing Law

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The Housing Law Department of the Legal Services Division was created to handle case support overflow from the Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto and the Stanford Law Clinic.

DSBE Legal Services refers its clients to those agencies when their legal issues involve housing. However, if the demand upon those agencies becomes too great, DSBE will offer support services as best it can.


DSBE recommends you first seek help from the following agencies.

  1. Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto;
  2. Stanford Law Clinic;
  3. San Mateo County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service;
  4. City of East Palo Alto Rent Control Program;


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DSBE Legal Services does not employ attorneys. These remarks do not constitute legal advice, for which you should seek the counsel of a licensed attorney. They are tactical suggestions which have been used successfully by DSBE in other matters.

  1. If you have reason to believe your landlord is evading taxes (by insisting on cash payments of rent, for example,) you can also contact the IRS and Franchise Tax Board to share your concern. They'll deal with your landlord.
  2. If your landlord has deferred maintenance or not maintained the property's liveability, you may have recourse through the City of East Palo Alto's Building Department, which could inspect the property for code infractions.
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