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DSBF The David Shaw Bass Foundation

Gokstadskipet, UiO Kulturhistorisk Museum, Oslo, Norway

When the company has sufficient funds in reserve, it will organize and incorporate DSBF, The David Shaw Bass Foundation, as a 501(3)c non-profit corporation which is to focus on and perpetuate its philanthropic agenda autonomous of DSBE's and with greater importance on its mission. DSBF, like DSBE, is expected to long outlive its founder and provide for its selected causes in perpetuity.

Namibian Woman and Child, Himba

Image (c) TBDTBD

DSBF will be gifted shares of stock in DSBE by its founder, and the by-laws of DSBE will be written to assure representation on DSBE's board of directors by the CEO of DSBF which will both guarantee its interests and strengthen DSBE's moral compass.

Light and Matter, Hsi Lai Temple

DSBF's charter will be written so as to promote the following causes.

  • Freedom of worship;
  • Freedom of the press;
  • Intellectual property protection;
  • Anti-slavery and human trafficking;
  • Improvement of police technology, respect for civil rights, and of mental disorders;
  • Promotion of statesmanship in government;
  • Promotion of philosophy in academia;
  • Promotion of public arts;

DSBF's charter will direct it to support or endow a number of organizations, including, but not limited to the following.

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