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Corporate Organization

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DSBE is inwardly organized into departments and outwardly organized into divisions.


The corporation's divisions must evolve into independent business units and cost centers under the terms of their business plans or be shut down. Each division is organizationally latticed with DSBE's internal departments and its sibling divisions' counterparts. Each division is under the direction of a General Manager who is also a corporate vice president. Divisional departments are headed by managers.

The divisions of DSBE are as follows.


DSBE itself is divided into departments headed by a director. Departments are not expected to be autonomously profitable. These departments include Finance, Intellectual Property, IT, Legal, Philanthropy, and Public Relations.

The Finance Department is responsible for grant development and stockholder investments.

The Intellectual Property Research and Development Department of DSBE is concerned with multimedia content production and the development of light-industrial processes for sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, building materials, energy, and waste management.

The Legal department is solely concerned with DSBE's legal affairs and is not to be confused with DSBE's Legal Services division, which is a referring agency, value-added services reseller, and direct services sales organization.

Strict Product Order on Pairs of Natural Numbers

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