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Corporate Evolution

Tanto Kunimitsu

Samurai Short Sword Used in Seppuku

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The initial incorporation of DSBE (David Shaw Bass Enterprises) was on September 3, 2010 in Menlo Park, California. As the corporation in its first incarnation cannot honorably survive and uphold its ethics, it is to be abandoned and succeeded by DSBE -- just the letters -- whose name David Shaw Bass Enterprises has reserved with the California Secretary of State in anticipation of its death.

The principal cause of death for DSBE's first incorporation was its inability to fulfill the California Secretary of State's filing requirements while maintaining its ethical standards of honesty and transparent accounting. Many of its gifted shareholders, for example, refused to give the founder an address of record, which the Secretary of State's office must have. The founder also overlooked some formalities regarding board of directors meetings which he will not falsify. DSBE would rather die than compromise its morality, and pay the price in time and expense to resurrect itself in its successor.

Life challenges for the initial incarnation of DSBE included the derisive and dismissive manner in which several of the founder's family and friends regarded his intentions and gifts of stock, as well as its material detractions, such as its having been effectively forbidden to utiliize the resources of the Mid-Peninsula branch of the Renaissance Center for Entrepreneurship and East Palo Alto's only homeless shelter by Patrick Brock, Property Manager for Dante and Patricia Baines dba Action Associates, owner of the parcel which includes both the Renaissance Center and the Warming Shelter, in how the founder's efforts to gain employment were hampered by his having been barred from JobTrain over mistaken identity which was never completely resolved, and he was denied internet access necessary to the corporation's livelihood where it was first incorporated.

DSBE overcame these detractions by re-incorporating itself in East Palo Alto, California when the Secretary of State endorsed filed its Articles of Incorporation on June 4, 2014 after its incorporator and initial director signed them on June 2, 2014. 88,888,888 shares of stock were authorized in its reincorporation and all were entrusted to its founder. His gifts of stock will be more selective and shall exclude several family members and former friends. DSBE will continue with all of the intellectual property and purposes of DSBE, along with the responsibility to settle all of the debts and obligations of DSBE, like a baton passed in a relay race.

DSBE may thus have become one of the world's first cloned corporations. It can ponder this question should it achieve consciousness.

Giretsu 義烈空挺隊 Memorial, Okinawa

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