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Consumer Goods Division (CG)

Selling Lotus Flowers in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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The founder's first business in 1983 was creating and reselling handcrafted and commissioned fine jewelry and running a flower stand on California Avenue in Palo Alto in front of the Fine Arts Theatre while holding a day job at San Francisco Federal Savings (the current Citibank building.) These product lines are now represented by two of this division's departments: CGFJ and CGFL.

The first sale by the CG division and of a product by DSBE was to the Su Fu (abbottess) of the Pao Hua Buddhist Temple in San Jose from its stationary department (DSBE-CGST.) She purchased a set of divider tabs for the binder she uses to organize the temple's affairs in. This is commemorated in the department's avatar of kanjin.

Kanjin (刈金, lit. Cut gold) Joss Paper

Stationary Department Avatar

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Consumer Goods division lacks much physical space for retail, wholesale, or storage operations. As such, nearly all of its transactions are arbitrages.

The CG division is organized into the following departments.

Short-Range Plans

The Consumer Goods division resells items on behalf of the corporation, which has a California Resale Permit and City of East Palo Alto business license in good standing. Since the corporation has no retail space at this time, most of its sales are immediate arbitrages -- similar to personal shopping on commission. The division has been active for the last two fiscal years and its short-range plans are to continue such transactions while increasing online sales and virtual store frontages until it can afford to sustain a physical retail outlet in East Palo Alto.

Mid-Range Plans

DSBE's mid-range plans for Consumer Goods includes fostering artisan businesses in the Ravenswood Industrial Zone, particularly making use of recycled materials such as glass in conjunction with its sibling Sauber Janitorial Services division, and to market their wares by then better established channels.

Long-Range Plans

DSBE's long-range plans for the CG division include the following.

1.) found a department store in East Palo Alto as its headquarters and to serve the Americas;

2.) to establish corporate operations, including those of the CG division, in Windhoek, Namibia, from which to serve African and Arabian nations; and

3.) to do likewise in Ha Noi, Vietnam, from which to serve Asia, and

4.) to do likewise in Oslo, Norway, from which to serve Scandinavia, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Satellite Map of Namibia

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Satellite Map of Vietnam

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Satellite Map of Norway in 2003

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