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Lobbying for Legislative Influence to Assure Assurance Wireless' Lifeline Cellphone Program
Mark Madden Homicide Investigation
Help Write Italian American Country at the Pittsburg Museum
Frederick Smith Homicide Investigation
Community Beat Meetings for the Rest of 2014


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From Our Public Relations Department


Lobbying for Legislative Influence to Assure Assurance Wireless' Lifeline Cellphone Program

Nokia 1280 Purchased in South Africa
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Assurance Wireless, a Virgin Mobile company using Sprint's cell tower network, is a local provider of the FCC and CPUC's Lifeline service for cellphones.  The problem is their service for their Kyocera cellphones is incomplete in East Palo Alto, where a high concentration and percentage of Lifeline qualifying households live.

Assurance Wireless is promoted by the County of San Mateo's Human Services Agency, DSBE, and a number of local NGOs, including the Salvation Army and Project WeHope.

Help Write Italian American Country at the Pittsburg Museum

On October 26, Italian writer and historian, Paolo Battaglia, from Modena Italy, will be coming to the Pittsburg Museum to promote his newest book, and research project, "Italian American Country" in partnership with the Library of Congress. 

He will be in Pittsburg, California on Sunday October 26, as part of a 15 city tour of many small towns with Italian heritage.  He will be traveling with a filmmaker and a photographer.  His aim is to visit these small communities that can trace their origins to the Italian immigration.

FCC Complaint About Assurance Wireless in East Palo Alto

DSBE has filed the following complaint with the FCC using its online form 2000F because of the lack of cellphone reception for Assurance Wireless phones in most of East Palo Alto, which its Philanthropy Department has been working to promote.
The Kyocera cellphone provided to me by Assurance Wireless under the FCC's LifeLine program for 1 650 906 3344 does not work in most all of East Palo Alto, a city with a high concentration of eligible recipients for your program. 
Ironically, the cellphone works better in neighboring Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Atherton, which are significanly wealthier.

Charity Rummage Sale at St. Bede's in Menlo Park on June 28 Will Benefit GAIA

(Republished without permission from InMenlo.com)
St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Menlo Park
Image (c) 2014 Linda Hubbard for InMenlo
St. Bede’ssemi-annual rummage sale offers clothes, shoes, books, CDs, household items, toys, knickknacks, craft items and more — you never know what treasures you’ll find — plus free refreshments. The church promises prices that are famously low and friendly volunteers to help you find what you are looking for.The sale takes place in Lehman Hall, the first building on right as you enter the church parking lot off Monte Rosa Dr.

Buddhist Volunteers Needed for Stanford Hospital

Central Incense Brazier, Chua Giac Minh

After praying here this morning, our CEO took note of the following appeal for volunteers.  Two days before, he had observed and spoken with a gentleman who had scaled the fence of the Pagoda's grounds.  He acted out of concern for the safety of its monks, nuns, and sanctity.  Fortunately, the gentleman and his family simply came from Modesto to purchase tofu from the temple and ask the nuns to pray for his daughter, who is recovering from surgery at Stanford Hospital.

New Playground for Bell Street Park

The City of East Palo Alto, Coupons.com, KaBOOM!, and the YMCA are working together to realize the fourth plank ofDSBE's legislative platform for the City of East Palo Alto: "Install a new children's playground in Bell Park to replace the one torn out years ago."
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
Community children and adults will help design the new playground on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.  There will be a site visit from 3:30 p.

East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club at the YMCA 2/26/14

DSBE's Director of Public Relations arrived an hour late to yesterday's Rotary Club meeting at the YMCA, which had begun at 7:00 p.m..
Luckily, he arrived in time to listen to the speaker, a former resident of East Palo Alto who lived in a house on Donohoe Street in 1963, talk about Rotary International's efforts to eradicate polio in Nigeria.  The speaker was also a former District Governor for our Rotary district.
Rotary International, along with the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, UNICEF, and increasingly the Gates Foundation, has been committed to the global eradication of polio.

Goals for 2014

Tiger in Grace Cathedral, Chinese New Year's, 2013
Image (c) 2013 Grace Cathedral
DSBE's immediate goals for the coming year include getting its affairs in order with the Internal Revenue Service, the Franchise Tax Board, the Secretary of State, and the Board of Equalization.  It's license with the City of East Palo Alto is already in the process of being renewed.
Besides the required paperwork, this will require additional capital.  The primary sources for this shall be income from its

Economic Impact of Palo Alto's Homeless

At Nambassa, 1978
Image Courtesy of theNambassa Trustand Peter Terry
DSBE is committed to safeguarding and improving the conditions of East Palo Alto's homeless while striving to house and lift them up out of their condition.
Defending the fragility of East Palo Alto and San Mateo County's resources and service systems for our city's homeless ensues from this philanthropic stance.
The seriousness of this position is shown in how DSBE's Founder and CEO did NOT sue Project WEHope over his wrongful eviction from its and the city's only shelter despite a Stanford Law School lecturer outlining his lawsuit's arguments.

Ravenswood Cares

Used Needlle Collection Box, Fair Oaks Clinic
Image (c) 2013 DSBE dsb-e.com All Rights Reserved.
Back on July 10th, our Director of Public Relations went to pick up his bipolar medication from the Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto.
While the Health Center used to dispense medications, this had been taken over by Anchor Pharmacy in Redwood City about two years ago, creating a potential hardship for our Public Relations Director and other impoverished East Palo Alto residents.