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Advertising and Sales Consulting (AD)

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The Advertising and Sales Consulting Division offers services and products in support and execution of its clients advertising campaigns and sales goals.

Norweigan Kongsberg JSM Missles Launched From a NATO F-35

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Short-term Goals

F-35A in Le Bourget, 2007; am Rumpf befindet sich ein Aufdruck der Flaggen der beteiligten Länder: USA, GB, Italien, Niederlande, Türkei, Kanada, Australien, Dänemark, Norwegen

Image Courtesy of CHSubZero at Wikimedia Commons

The short-term goal of this division is to begin building a client base of individuals and organizations already doing business in or looking to do business in East Palo Alto or the United States of America while refining its long-term plans.

For those looking to do business in East Palo Alto and the United States, the division is focused on clients from DSBE's local target markets of Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, and Stanford, and its long-term international target markets centered on Windhoek, Namibia; Ha Noi, Viet Nam; and Oslo, Norway.

Mid-term Goals

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The mid-term goals of this division are to focus on providing services to foriegn individuals and multi-national corporations seeking to do business in East Palo Alto and its neighboring cities and towns and to bring the division to profitability by FY2019-2020.

Long-term Goals

USAF F-35 Lightning II

Image Courtesy of the United States Air Force via Wikimedia Commons

The long-term goals of the division are to secure its sustainable profitability and to export its developed expertise into foriegn markets along with DSBE's intended expansion to Ha Noi, Vietnam; Oslo, Norway; and Windhoek, Namibia.

Among the product lines it hopes to specialize in are the following.

  • American multi-media content authors;
  • European multi-media content authors;
  • Namibian agricultural products;
  • Namibian energy exports;
  • Namibian fine jewelry using conflict-free diamonds;
  • Namibian human resources;
  • Namibian multimedia content authors, including Namibian recording artists;
  • Namibian seafoods;
  • Vietnamese agricultural products, including coffee and tea;
  • Vietnamese floricultural products;
  • Vietnamese manufactured goods;
  • Vietnamese seafoods;

Gokstadskipet, Vikingskipmuseet, Oslo

Wikimedia Commons CC Karamell

DSBE's founder does not expect to see the fulfillment of most of the company's long-term goals, but intends his descendants will.

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