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About DSBE

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Founder's Sole Proprietorship (Front)

Now the Multimedia Content Division

Image (c) 2010, 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved

Founder's Sole Proprietorship (Back)**

Now the Multimedia Content Division

Image (c) 2010, 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved

DSBE was originally incorporated as David Shaw Bass Enterprises in 2010 as a home-based intellectual property development and marketing and sales consulting company at Menlo Commons, in Menlo Park, California. The bedroom suite where it was founded overlooked Kholsa Ventures as its architect's vision was constructed with loving care, providing inspiration to DSBE's founder.

Its first services sale was to Mrs. Marta Estrada of Menlo Commons on behalf of its Sauber Janitorial Services division to help her resurface and paint the wall and ceiling framing her living room. Its first product sale was to the Su Fu (Cantonese == Abbottess) Chi Fa of the Pao Hua Buddhist Temple for the divider tabs in the binder she organizes the temple's affairs in. Both were gifted stock in the original incorporation and will be once again when DSBE, its successor, when it amasses sufficient assets and revenue.


DSBE's purpose is to provide corporate oversight and structure to its founders existing business operations and his intended portfolio of business endeavors and investments predicated upon the corporation's created and leveragable assets. This portfolio's strategy, objectives, and ethics are set by DSBE's Board of Directors.


DSBE's profitable activities are presently organized into the following business unit divisions. Each division's chief executive officer is both a vice president of DSBE and the division's general manager, which operates as an independent cost center, financed and overseen by DSBE's core.

Business Ethics

  • DSBE strives to be law abiding and expects the same of its business partners;
  • DSBE fully and transparently accounts for its transactions;
  • DSBE pays its full and true tax obligations to its governments;
  • DSBE will not be party to tax evasion;
  • DSBE works with its governments and seeks their reinforcing best interests in meeting its business objectives;
  • DSBE values its longevity and future potential over its immediate profits;
  • DSBE values our world's and peoples' longevity and future potential;
  • DSBE is committed to sustainable environmentalism and ecologies;
  • DSBE reinvests in itself, its people, and its communities;
  • DSBE grows organically along its envisioned growth paths;
  • DSBE constantly refines itself to improve its quality, efficacy, and aims;


DSBE (as first incorporated in 2010 as David Shaw Bass Enterprises) was created by its founder by combining his three pre-existing sole-proprietorships with a set of potential ventures into a corporation to both sustain and outlive him, and to perpetuate his life's constructive intentions as an incorporated living will and testament, as well as to provide for his intended family, gifted friends, and future stockholders. Those sole proprietorships were Sauber Janitorial Services, and two in his own name representing the Market Intelligence and Multimedia Content divisions.

The initial incorporation failed to maintain its corporate records and was frustrated in complying with the Secretary of State's requirement of addresses of record by several of its gifted stockholders. Its growth was further stunted by its Menlo Park landlord's refusal to allow it have an Internet connection, its lack of capital and established credit, the poor credit and lack of capital and income of its founder, its founder being threatened with the Menlo Park Police over mistaken identity by executives of JobTrain, unpaying clients, and its founder being denied access to both the Warming Shelter and Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center of East Palo Alto by Patrick Brock, representative of the property's owners, Dante and Patricia Baines.

Consequently, the corporation as David Shaw Bass Enterprises was dissolved after it met its obligations and replaced by its reincorporation as DSBE (see Corporate Evolution.)

Prior to its dissolution, David Shaw Bass Enterprises was reincorporated as DSBE. Its Articles of Incorporation were signed on Monday, June 2, 2014 (4712 年 05月 05日 in the traditional Chinese calendar; 4 Sha'ban 1435 in the Islamic calendar) at Emmanuel's Pizza & Bakery, where its founder observes the traditional rites of the Episcopal church as an extension of St. Bede's parish. California's Secretary of State's Office endorsed filed them on June 4, 2014 (4712 年 05月 07日 in the traditional Chinese calendar; 6 Sha'ban 1435 in the Islamic calendar) -- DSBE's date of rebirth.

Founding Directors and Officers

With only one initial shareholder, DSBE could have as few as one member in its initial board of directors and one person to fill all three minimally necessary executive offices, which it did.

The initial member of DSBE's board of directors was its founder, David Shaw Bass, who also filled the initial mandatory corporate officer positions of DSBE: president, secretary, and treasurer along with the thirteen vice president positions for the corporate divisions.

In its second phase, there will have to be at least three members of the Board of Directors under California law as the corporation's founder intends to give and sell shares of stock in DSBE, necessitating a minimum of at least three corporate Directors. The founder expects to retain a majority of the 88,888,888 outstanding shares of stock for purposes of controlling its growth, selectively funding it and its divisional units, creating DSBF, and providing for his heirs.

Founding Shareholders

In its first phase of reincorporation, all initial 88,888,888 shares of stock will be issued to its founder, David Shaw Bass. DSBE will be operated as a closely held corporation without a corporate veil of liability shielding until it achieves enough reserves and sustained revenue, at which point, a portion of those shares will be both gifted, selectively, echoing those gifts made in the original incorporation of David Shaw Bass Enterprises, and sold.

Those gifts in DSBE's second phase will be made to the following institutions and individuals (incomplete and subject to revision:)

  1. Ali Mohamed Adem;
  2. Jemal Mohamed Adem;
  3. Lubaba Mohamed Adem;
  4. Radiya Mohamed Adem;
  5. Xena Mohamed Adem;
  6. Leslee Renee Hall Baker;
  7. Eugene Leo Bass;
  8. Rachel Jade Bass;
  9. Shirley Bass;
  10. Virginia Bass;
  11. Helen Brennan Baumann;
  12. Katrina Lynn Bledsoe;
  13. Born Again Christian Center;
  14. Nate Branch;
  15. Pamela Branch;
  16. Elizabeth Theta Brown;
  17. Buddhist Society of America, Pao Hua Temple;
  18. Chua Giac Minh;
  19. Lan Chu;
  20. Jeanne Cooper;
  21. Antonio Cornelio;
  22. Hector Cornelio;
  23. Yvette Cross;
  24. Cheryl Crum;
  25. Whitney Dabney;
  26. Sharon Ernst;
  27. Marta Estrada;
  28. Chi Fa;
  29. Ofa Finza;
  30. Rani Fischer;
  31. Laurie Rodriegues Shah Grefscheim;
  32. Andre L. Harris, Sr.;
  33. Gloria L. Harris;
  34. Lisa Marie Hess;
  35. Nathan Randall Hess;
  36. Melony Nicole Hill;
  37. Xander Hill;
  38. Candace "Candy" Howard;
  39. Sara Ibrahim;
  40. June Ive;*
  41. Yasmeen Jenkins;
  42. Laurene Powell-Jobs;*
  43. Robert Johnson;
  44. Margaret Kirksey;
  45. Ikie Kurose;
  46. Ken Kurose;
  47. Seikichi Kurose;
  48. Mei-chun Kuo;
  49. Laura Langland;
  50. Katherine M. Lehman;
  51. Hal Louchheim;
  52. Doriana Carey Mayes;
  53. Jane McDougle;
  54. Marion Minahan;
  55. Kalim Ali Mohammed;
  56. Falouhola Mola;
  57. Joy Moore;
  58. Robert Hall Morgan, Jr.;
  59. Diep Khac Ngo;
  60. Thu-tam thi Nguyen;
  61. Mohammed Odeh;
  62. Wilhelmina Parker;
  63. Sitha Phlang;
  64. Stanley Pollard;
  65. The Rahima Foundation;
  66. Denise Robinson;
  67. Nancy Rosa;
  68. Amira Abdullah Salah;
  69. Carol Shedlock;
  70. Angela Sherry;
  71. Azeem Siddiqui;
  72. Habeeba Siddiqui;
  73. Kashmir Singh;
  74. Rosemary Durkin Snyder;
  75. Faith Qui Son;
  76. Qui T. Son;
  77. Amy Suzuki;
  78. Camille Thomas;
  79. George Tidwell;
  80. Hong thi Vuong;
  81. Susan Whitfield;
  82. Jane Williams;
  83. Steve Williams;
  84. Lajanette Williams-Turner;
  85. Michelle Yee;
  86. Abdul Aziz Zilanawala;

These gifts largely repeat those made to shareholders of DSBE's previous incorporation as David Shaw Bass Enterprises, which will be abandoned and dissolved once DSBE has fulfilled its predecessors obligations.


* Robert Johnson, former VP of Apple Retail, was gifted a share of stock in DSBE's first incorporation in appreciation for how their stores served as work studios for the founder. Steve Jobs ought to have been gifted as well as Juny Ive. Those gifts which ought to have been made to Steve will be made to Steve's widow Lauren and design partner Juny in the next round.

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