DSBE, A California Corporation - Diversity Gathers Strength (tm)
Public Relations Department
Tactical Strategic PR
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DSBE's Public Relations Department handles all of its public communications, including representation in civic organizations, such as the East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club.

The Public Relations Department maintains DSBE's blog and is responsible for its content and the corporation's press releases.
Legislative Lobbying
Rotunda, United States Congress
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The Public Relations Department is also responsible for DSBE's lobbying efforts on its behalf (when there is sufficient client demand, a Lobbying Services Division or Public Relations Division of DSBE could also be created and organizationally latticed into the department, most likely spun off of the Legal Services Division.)
DSBE does not plan on lobbying for legislation in either Norway or Viet Nam, despite its long-term plans to expand to those countries.
Cockpit, B-2 Spirit Bomber
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To contact the Public Relations Department, please call DSBE's main number at 1 650 906 3344, email them directly at pr@dsb-e.com, or send a message through the company's Twitter account which the PR Department maintains: @DSBE_Inc.

B-2 Spirit Bomber
Image U.S. Air Force photo, by Airman 1st Class Joel Pfiester)