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Intellectual Property R & D Department (DSBE-IPRD)
The Lange Wand, Namibia
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The Intellectual Property Research & Development Department is the heart and soul of DSBE.  It is a research and development organization which is not expected to ever be profitable, for it is a core conviction of DSBE that good R & D is vital to long-term corporate profitability.
Sailboat Exceeding 60 mph in Walvis Bay, Namibia
Image Source TBD (Danish water turbine company design)
IP R&D is expected to be headquartered in East Palo Alto, California and Windhoek, Namibia.  The focus of its efforts will be on technologies to improve Namibia's ability to produce electricity, food, and fresh water.  Electrical production is to be by renewable sources, such as ocean tides, solar, and wind.  Food production technology commerce and development will focus on ocean and freshwater aquaculture, as well as underground and enclosed agriculture due to Namibia's aridity and daily extremes of temperature.  Fresh water is to be desalinated from seawater using distillation plants powered by those renewable energy sources and transported by vehicles and pipelines similarly powered.
Konbu Seaweed
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Solar Impulse
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Among the goals of the IP Department are the following technology transfers and their glocalization.
  • Research and development of konbu and other seaweed aquacultures, primarily from Japan, China, and Viet Nam to DSBE Namibia;
  • Glocalization of desalination technology from the United Arab Emirates (e.g., Jebel Ali) and Saudi Arabia to DSBE Namibia;
  • Research and development of small-scale desalination plants in DSBE USA for transfer to Namibia.
  • Transfer of konbu off-shore aquaculture technology from DSBE USA to DSBE Viet Nam in Ha Noi;
  • Transfer of ocean wave turbine power generation technology from Japan to DSBE Viet Nam in Ha Noi;
  • Transfer of konbu off-shore aquaculture from DSBE Viet Nam to DSBE Namibia;
  • Ocean wave turbine power plant technolgy from DSBE Viet Nam to DSBE Namibia;
  • Research and development of HVDC power grid technology to tranfer offshore wind and tidal turbine power generation onshore in Namibia, primarily leveraging advances in Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.S.;
  • Research and devrelopment of HVDC power grid technology of land-based solar grid and wind turbine power generation in Namibia, primarily leveraging advances in Germany and the U.S.;
  • HVDC Power grid technology from DSBE USA to DSBE Viet Nam;
  • HVDC Power grid technology from DSBE Viet Nam to Yunnan Province, China;
  • HVDC Power grid technology from DSBE Namibia to Malawi;
  • Seawall technology from the Netherlands to DSBE USA;
  • Solar cell power generation plant technology from DSBE Namibia to Malawi;
  • Wind turbine power generation plant technology from DSBE USA to DSBE Namibia;
  • Terraced rice farming from Yunnan Province, China and the Red River valley of Viet Nam to Malawi;
  • Rice cultivation and strains from Senegal to Malawi;
  • Terraced tea cultivation from Yunnan Province, China, the Red River valley of Viet Nam, and Taiwan to Malawi;
  • Underground nutrient film hydroponics under LED lighting from London, England to DSBE Namibia leveraging its mining infrastructure in conjunction with renewable electricity generation and cisterns;
  • Gridless small-scale renewable energy generation for DSBE Namibia and DSBE Malawi;
Terraced Rice Fields, Yunnan Province, China
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The acquired and developed industrial processes are to be refined into marketable organizational commodities for resale to targeted national markets.  For example, desalinization technologies refined by DSBE Namibia would be marketed to nations in the Horn of Africa such as Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, and Kenya.  They would also be sold to the continent's southwest nations neighboring Namibia such as Angola and South Africa and up through the nations of the West Africa such as Ghana and Nigeria.
The IP R & D Department is currently focused on the following projects.
David Shaw Bass is the Director of DSBE's IP R & D Department.  He can be reached at dsb@dsb-e.com or through the company's main line at 1 650 906 3344.