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Ancestral History
Owing to the improperly* noticed auction of nearly all his personal property, DSBE's founder has lost what geneological records he and other members of his patrilineal and matrilineal families had given him, as well as what he had been given or gleaned from his three wives.
He believes his possessions were "stolen" by malfeasance, but this may be a misinference induced by post-traumatic stresses.
The loss of his wedding albums, and all momentos relating to his three marriages (such as the dried flowers from his first wife's wedding bouquet and marriage certificate from Ramstein,) were devastating.
The loss of the Gjems family tree book, documenting several centuries back into his Norweigan roots, and the compiled records of his cousin Grace Gwendolyn Shaw, late of Ferndale, California, along with what notes about the Bass family his father had provided him and heirlooms of his parents' and wives' families, was traumatic -- outweighing its financial impact.
After its creation, DSBF will be tasked with the geneological reconstruction and amplification of this information for the founder's intended descendants.
It is hoped this project will be completed in time for the founder's own children by his next wife(s) and their children to benefit from. 
Half the DNA: Founder in Infancy
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Among the contentions of Grace Shaw's geneological research, was the Shaw family is related to George Washington by way direct descent from Washington's maternal aunt, making him a cousin of one of our nation's founders.  The Shaw family once lived next door to Daniel Boone's property in Virginia, but were originally German settlers by the name of Schau or Shau (?) who had adopted a Scottish name because of the prejudices against Germans by English settlers in our pre-revolutionary colonies and to deflect fears about German political clout in English colonies.
George Washington, National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.
Image (c) 2013 The Episcopal Church
These claims will have to be re-substantiated in light of those documents' destruction after they were obtained by the auction of nearly all the founder's property and by his cousin Grace Gwendolyn  Shaw's likely demise.
Paternal Family Tree
The Founder's father got a football scholarship to go to Stanford University from Eureka High (Eureka, California) where he was born.  There he earned a masters in civil engineering and worked as one for George Nolte and Associates in San Jose.  While working full-time for Nolte with a wife and three sons, he attended Lincoln Law School at night in San Jose.  After passing the California (and later the Nevada bar,) he became a partner in a firm specializing in construction litigation.
The Founder's father's father, O.H. Bass, left Jackson, Mississippi, where he was born to a large family, to join his uncle Ick (Ichabald?) in Eureka, California.  After having been a butcher in the U.S. Army or Navy, O.H. began his restauranteur career with a hot dog stand, eventually building it into O.H.'s Townehouse with his third wife, Shirley.  O.H. Bass was a Supervisor for Humboldt County.  His younger daughter by Shirley, Virginia, is currently a Supervisor for Humboldt County and a former Mayor of Eureka.
The Founder's father's mother, Mary Nellist, was born in Sonoma County where her family had settled after leaving British Columbia.  The Nellists used to live in Willow Creek, which is in the mountains inland from Eureka.  They have resettled in Montana.  Mary had three sons: Eugene, Ronald, and Dennis.  Ronald was a police detective in San Francisco before working for the California Department of Justice, from which he retired as the Senior Assistant Attorney General for the Bay Area.  Dennis worked in his dad's restaurant, the Townehouse, before opening up a similar restaurant on the other side of Eureka with his wife Gerri.
TBD Nellist = Mamie Lea
Three daughters: Bobbie, Margie, Mary
Bobbie = #(1or2) Tom
Margie = TBD (Willow Creek, California)
O.H. Bass (Jackson, Mississippi)  = #1. Mary Nellist (born in Sonoma County, descended from British Columbia, Canada)
Three sons: Eugene Lea, Ronald Alan, and Dennis Lea
= #2. Lucille TBD
No children
= #3 Shirley TBD (Washington State)
Two daughters: Kelly and Virginia (in Eureka, California)
Kelly Bass = Robert Jordan (at Ingemar Club, Eureka)
No children
Virginia Bass = #1 Dan Jackson
Jason, USMC, et al. cousins
Shirley Bass = #2 George Tidwell
Eugene Lea Bass, Esq. = Judith Andrea Shaw in Eureka, California
Three sons: David Shaw, Jonathon Michael, and Stephen Lea
Ronald Alan Bass = Sue Larson
One son: Lauren Bass
Dennis Bass = Geraldine "Gerri" Leo
Two sons: Dennis, Jr., Eugene "Little Gene" Leo Bass
David Shaw Bass = #1. Nguyen thi Doan-trang (of Saigon, South Viet Nam and East Palo Alto, California);
No children
All photos of Doan-trang lost at auctions
 David Shaw Bass = #2. Kuo Mei-chun (of Jiantan, Shilin District,Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., and Aptos, California);
No children
Mei-chun and Founder at Wedding Banquet in Taipei
Sister-in-law, nephew, founder, and Mei-chun
 David Shaw Bass = #3. Xena Mohamed Adem (of Kembolcha, Wollo, Ethiopia and San Jose, California)
Radiya (Sister-in-law) with Xena Mohamed Adem
Xena Mohamed Adem
Jonathon Michael Bass = Julie de Costa (of Castro Valley, California)
(at Buck's Lake, California)
Two sons, one step, one natural
Jesse de Costa
Dylan de Costa-Bass
Stephan Lea Bass = Pamela Weymouth (of Upper Eastside, Manhattan, NYC)
(at a private estate, Marin)
Two twin sons
Aidan TBD Bass
Quinn TBD Bass
Pamela Weymouth Bass with Aidan and Quinn Bass
Judith Shaw Bass = #2 Rudicindo Felix Torres ( of TBD, Peru) in Reno, Nevada
Step-children, no natural children
Ronald Alan Bass, Esq. = Sue Larson (of Eureka, California)
Lauren Bass
Dennis Lea Bass, Sr. = Geraldine Leo
Two sons: Dennis Jr., Eugene Leo
Dennis Bass, Jr. = Joan
Four daughters
Eugene Leo Bass = Rachel Jade Bass
Maternal Family Tree
The Founder's mother was born in Los Angeles, California.  She moved to Eureka, California after her parents cashed out their interest in a ranch her father had bought along with his father and brothers.  Her paternal grandfather George Henry Shaw had been a pharmacist in Beverly Hills before becoming a rancher.  Her father had been a salesman to independent gas stations before investing in the ranch.  He became a real estate salesman after settling in Eureka.
Her mother, Virginia Gjems Lambrecht also grew up in Beverly Hills and was the middle child of three daughters.  She graduated from UCLA where she was on the surfing team.  She became a social worker for Humboldt County.  Her parents had settled in Beverly Hills after leaving Minneapolis, where the Gjems had been early settlers from Norway.
The founder's mother graduated from Humboldt State University with a teaching degree.  She taught at Kavanaugh School in East Palo Alto, retiring to raise her three sons in Mountain View and Menlo Park.
Virginia Gjems Lambrecht Shaw and Clarence Dexter Shaw
Image (c) 2010 DSBE dsb-e.com  All Rights Reserved
James Lambrecht and his middle daughter, Virginia Gjems Lambrecht
Image (c) 2010 DSBE dsb-e.com All Rights Reserved
George Henry Shaw = TBD Phelps (England)
Beverly Hills, pharmacist, rancher
Two sons: Harold B. and Clarence Dexter
Clarence Dexter Shaw = Virginia Gjems Lambrecht
Two daughters: Susan Aline and Judith Andrea
Richard Rodriegues, Sr. (Chicano) = Susan Aline Shaw
One son, Ricky, one daughter, Laurie
Richard "Ricky" Rodriegues, Jr. (deceased)
No children
Laurie Rodriegues Shah Grefscheim
Laurie = #1 TBD Shah
No children
Laurie = #2 Korky Grefscheim
No children
Gjems of Norway, settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Peter Gjems = TBD
Five daughters: Trina (eldest,) {order TBD: Abigail, Petra, TBD, Lina}
James Lambrecht = Trina Gjems
in Wilmar, Minnesota
Bea Lambrecht, Virginia Gjems Lambrecht, Abigail Lambrecht
 TBD = Bea Lambrecht (x, then Sarasota, Florida)
Philip (stockbroker) = Andrea (Chicago, then Sarasota, Florida)
First Wife's Family Tree
The founder and his first wife were high school sweethearts at Menlo-Atherton whose mutual friend was an exchange student from Bavaria living with her family in Menlo Park (Fr. Dr. Barbara Schmidt, Sonthofen.)
Their fathers, her paternal uncle, and the founder's family and friends objected to thier romance, but his wife's mother and the rest of the family supported them.  Zefferrelli's "Romeo and Juliet" was their favorite movie on account of this.  The founder cut off his family and friends for years in retaliation for their disrespecting him and his wife's love, refusing to see or speak to them despite their all living in the same city of Menlo Park, California.
The founder's first wife's families were from the northern part of post French Indo-China Viet Nam and had to flee their estate to avoid being killed by communist forces when they took over North Viet Nam.
The family settled in Saigon, where Father Ky became a Professor of Classical Literature and Uncle Kanh the Dean of Saigon's Law School.  Uncle also served as a Colonel in the South Vietnamese Army in Counterintelligence and interrogated defectors from the North.  The family also had to flee Saigon when it collapsed because of communist death squads, losing nearly all their possessions once again as they survived and rebuilt as political refugees in California.
In the United States, Uncle Ky became a Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute while mom and auntie ran a restaurant associated with a Palo Alto poker hall, which banked its deposits with the founder while he was the vault teller of the Stanford Financial Square branch of Bank of America and his wife worked across the street at Crocker Bank.  They also worked Saturdays and Sundays at the Emporium and Macy's at Stanford Shopping Center. They lived in an apartment in downtown Menlo Park and never spoke to the founder's family and friends who lived within a mile or two of them because of thier opposition to thier love and relationship.
The Nguyens helped found Chua Giac Minh in East Palo Alto which was built in sight of Dad and Mom Nguyen's apartment on West Bayshore and the family continues to support it to this day.  Cousin Thu-tam, now a dentist in San Jose, helps defray the cost of its prayer books, for example. The founder prays there as often as he can to offer his thanks and to pay his respects to all his ancestral lineages, including the Nguyens.
Nguyen TBD = TBD thi TBD
Nguyen Ky, Nguyen Kanh
Nguyen Ky= TBD thi Minh
(somewhere in the northern part of Viet Nam)
One son, eldest, two daughters:
Ngoc-bich, Doan-trang thi, Hoang-van thi
Nguyen Kanh = TBD
Nguyen thi Thu-tam et al. TBD (e.g., Henry)
Second Wife's Family Tree
The founder met his second wife at Shen's Gallery in Santa Cruz, which he'd long patronized, considering her the most beautiful work of art he'd ever seen there.  Her best friend, Trang-dai thi Nguyen, was the wife of the Gallery's manager.
Second wife's families were descended from Taiwan's first Chinese settlers from the Fujian province over 300 years ago.  They grew up on a rice farm in the middle of Taiwan, moving to Jiantan, Shilin District, Taipei to raise their family and build their businesses.
Both second wife's mother and father had natural and adopting parents who raised them.
The Kuos started in tile contracting, building up a real estate portfolio of residential condominiums and retail business units.  They also ran a hamburger restaurant in Jiantan.  Oldest brother was in sales and a reserve SEAL in the Taiwanese Navy.
Kuo Jow-wei = Woung Li-mien (Taipei, Taiwan)
Two sons, one youngest daughter: TBD, TBD, Mei-chun
Son #1 married with child(ren;)
Son #2 married with son;
Second wive's maternal grandmother, mother, and auntie from Shanghai came to visit while they lived on Warburton in Santa Clara.  They travelled to Aptos where the couple had forged their relationship and made a special trip to Pao Hua Buddhist Temple when its founder was its master.  The founder had already had been praying there along with his second wife.  This visit reinforced the temple's continued importance to him.  He prays there as often as he can to offer his thanks and respects.
Third Wife's Family Tree
The founder met his third wife while she was working as a waitress at Shebele Restaurant in Campbell and he was working at HAL Computer Systems, a Fujitsu company also in Campbell at that time.  She was born in Kembolcha, Ethiopia and immigrated to the United States as a political refugee because of conflicts in her homeland.  Cocie lived in Kenya, St. Louis and Las Vegas before San Jose, where she met the founder.  She now splits her time between Atlanta and Addis Ababa, where the founder helped her buy her house in the Bole District.
Mohamed Adem = Zeineba (in and of Kembolcha, Ethiopia)
Xena Mohammed Adem (ne'e Xenabech; a.k.a. Aynalem Awoke Sisay)
Mohamed Adem = TBD
Said Mohamed Adem
Mohamed Adem = TBD
Ahmed Mohamed Adem = Lina
Mohamed Adem = Zeneba (in and of Kembolcha, Ethiopia)
Gemal Mohamed Adem
Ali Mohamed Adem = Fozia
two children: TBD, TBD
Lubaba Mohamed Adem
 TBD = Radia Mohamed Adem
Saada Mohamed Adem
If You Want to Date my (God)daughter...
Image Courtesy of Yvette Evie Cross
The Founder has three Goddaughters: Alexandra Elise Brown Fernandez, Yvette Evie Cross, and Brittany Gaines.  Alexandra "Sasha" was made his Goddaughter by her mother, Elizabeth Theta Brown, an Associate Professor of Set Theory in the Department of Mathematics at James Madison University -- one of his best friends from UCSC where they were both teaching assistants and majors in philosophical logic.  Yvette was made his Goddaughter by her father, the late Daniel Arnold Cross, a former corrections officer for the State of California and one of his best friends from HaL Computer Systems, a Fujitsu company and Silicon Valley start-up, where they both worked.  Brittany is a good friend of his from East Palo Alto.  In between incarncerations, they agreed upon his being her Godfather as she was over eighteen years old at the time.
Goddaughter Alexandra "Sasha" Fernandez
Image (c) 2014 Alexandra Fernandez
Goddaughter Yvette Evie Cross
Image (c) 2014 Yvette Evie Cross
* Viz., Lacking all three legally mandated notices under California law.