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Copyrights and Revision

The DSBE logo: a sunstone -- a crystal used by Vikings to discover new worlds,

and guide raiding parties (see About Our Logo for more details.)

Image (c) 2013 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

DSBE is an intellectual property and services research, development, import, export, sales, and marketing company based in East Palo Alto presently focused on developing leverageable intellectual properties and a few of its planned divisions.

The divisions primarily under development are Consumer Goods, Legal Services,Market Intelligence, Multimedia Content, and Sauber Janitorial Services, which is a dba of DSBE in San Mateo County and originally one of DSBE's founder as a sole proprietorship in the City and County of Santa Clara.

DSBE was first incorporated as David Shaw Bass Enterprises on September 3rd, 2010 in Menlo Park, California and licensed in that city as an "intellectual property development and marketing and sales" company, absorbing two existing businesses which had been in operation by its founder in its incorporation. It relocated to East Palo Alto on April 4, 2011 where it became licensed in 2013 as an "intellectual property developer."

The first incorporation will be abandoned after its affairs are put in order for reasons explained under Corporate Evolution. The company was reincorporated as DSBE in East Palo Alto on June 4, 2014 and was licensed to do business there on December 31, 2014 as a professional "intellectual properties services" company. The reincorporated DSBE retains 2010 as its year of establishment.


DSBE was created with a strong sense of giving forwards and to create sustainable benefits for the communities it lives in.

The company is active in philanthropic efforts for the sustainable and thoughtful improvement of East Palo Alto as a city and vibrantly diverse community and pledges to remain so, as outlined on its Philanthopy webpage.

The company intends to do so as well for the cities and nations in its long-term plans for domestic and international expansion.

Royal Norweigan Viking Ship, 1025 A.D., Reconstructed at the British Museum

Image by Alex Lentati (c) 2014 The London Evening Standard


After DSBE creates DSBF*, a non-profit foundation projected to be incorporated within the next two years with a gift of stock in DSBE, it will not longer be directly concerned with philanthropy. It's bylaws will be ammended to assure representation on its board by DSBF's in perpetuity.

DSBF will continue with the philanthropic works in progress from DSBE's charter, and expand into contributions to the arts, along with works of intellectual and theological inquiry.

Bird Hunting at Suncrest

Logo for DSBF

Short-term Objectives

Currently, the primary objective of the corporation is to sell its time to clients for its Accounting Services, Legal Services, and Multimedia Content divisions as they have the lowest operating costs. It is secondarily concerned with providing Market Intelligence division services to corporate and government clients on a pro bono and contracted basis.

Of the remaining divisions in plan, the Training Services Division is to be first developed, pending its initial capital requirements and the release of MHFA USA's public safety module.

Mid-term Objectives

The Advertising and Sales, Consumer Goods, HR Services, Logistical Services, Real Estate Services, Sauber Janitorial Services, and Security Services divisions, which have higher operating costs, are in development.

Long-term Objectives

DSBE aspires to realize applications of its intellectual products and services and organize those of others both domestically and for export to a target set of ascending nations (viz., intellectual property systems integration and commerce.) These nations currently include the following.

No expansion into those countries is foreseen for at least the next five years, by which time it is hoped Malawi will be sufficiently stable and infrastructurally developed for future market penetration. Namibia and Viet Nam are soundly established.

DSBE pledges to support the Namibian government's Vision 2030 plan when it expands into that country, just as it supports the City of East Palo Alto's Vista 2035 plan.

Zhang Fei (left,) Guan Gong (center) et al., Chinese god of business, law, and the military, and Liu Bei(right) ---

gift to DSBE's founder by his second mother-in-law Kuo Woung Li-mien

and Ling Chun, founder, Pao Hua Buddhist Temple in San Jose, California.

(Among the Founder's possessions which were sold in improperly conducted auctions by

Public Storage of Santa Clara on Lafayette and de la Cruz Avenues in October, 2011)

Image (c) 2011 D.S.B.E., (c) DSBE 2014 All Rights Reserved


* David Shaw Bass Foundation

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